Top Movies About Zombies

admin February 9, 2018 Views 14

One of the common theme nowadays is apocalypse and zombies are part of the scenario. Each of the movies portray these undead differently. Some are just mindless bodies walking and looking for meat; others are more active that they run and hunt everywhere plus evolve as well. If you enjoy these kinds of movies, here are the recommendation.

The Dead Are Walking

  • Resident Evil – based from one of the top-grossing games on different console, our protagonist is set on her way to defeat every zombie, even the mutant ones and destroy their main source to stop it from killing off the last survivors
  • I am Legend – imagine being alone in a whole city filled with zombies looking for something to eat. That is what he should cope up and hide, especially during the night, where they are very active
  • Warm Bodies – this is on the perspective of a zombie, who apparently still has a sense on what he is and is able to communicate with people. Would he be able to return as a normal person, or is he rotting already from inside?

  • Train To Busan – a different kind of zombie who really run towards their prey and can’t see without light. Join their journey to Busan as they try to survive the attack.